Bruno Mantovani
DATE: 29 April 2017
TIME: 20 h 00 min
LOCATION: Chapel Church (Brussels - Belgium)
From one millennium to the next 29 April 2017

When visiting a museum, it is not uncommon for the simple threshold of a door to make leaps through the centuries. For this concert in the framework of the Notre Dame de la Chapelle Church in Brussels, the Ensemble and the Soloists XXI will take us from the Middle Ages to the present day, with a program that will bring together modern and contemporary works of Edgard Varese, György Ligeti, and Joan Magrané Figuera with the medieval ones of Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ciconia and Guillaume de Machaut.


  • Edgard VARÈSE : Octandre (for eight instruments)
  • Guillaume de MACHAUT : Messe de Nostre Dame : « Kyrie » et « Gloria »
  • Johannes CICONIA : O rosa bella
  • Guillaume DUFAY : Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae constantinopolitanae Salve flos Tuscae gentis/Vos nunc, Etruscorum iubar, salvete puellae !
  • György LIGETI : Chamber Concerto (for thirteen instrumentalists)
  • Josquin DESPREZ : Doleur me bat
  • Joan MAGRANÉ FIGUERA : Fragments d’Ausiàs March (for five votes and ensemble, National Creation)
  • Josquin DESPREZ : Plusieurs regretz
  • Solistes XXI : Rachid Safir (choirmaster)

Ensemble intercontemporain.
Bruno Mantovani (director).

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