Violin Phase
RELEASED: 6 December 2016
ARTIST: Diego Tosi
LABEL: Solstice
Violin Phase

From an “augmented” violin, the sensitive soul

The idea of this “violin and tape” recording project came to Diego Tosi thanks to the discovery of pieces by Steve Reich, Jesper Nordin and Georges Aperghis throughout his career with the EIC (Ensemble Intercontemporain), whereas other works had been in his repertoire for some fifteen years (such as those by Daniel Tosi and Bernard Parmegiani). “My motivation was not only to bring together all these pieces in order to make up an original collection on CD, but also to introduce a new musical horizon with my violin and give our generation of violonists other sources of inspiration conducive to our instrument, presenting it in a new acoustic space”, he confided to us.


01. Violin Phase (Steve Reich) 02. Calm like a Bomb (Jesper Nordin) 03. Pulsion-Miroirs (Bernard Parmegiani) 04. Jeu de cellules (Bernard Parmegiani) 05. Végétal (Bernard Parmegiani) 06. Gala II (Daniel Tosi) 07. The only one (Georges Aperghis)

Below 1 music track extracts of 7 included in this album.

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