Teatro San Martin à Buenos Aires
DATE: 31 October 2017
TIME: 20 h 00 min
LOCATION: Teatro General San Martín (Buenos Aires - Argentine)
Buenos Aires I 31 October 2017


The last time the EIC packed its bags in Buenos Aires in 2012 was as part of Michael Jarrell’s large South American tour of Cassandra. The soloists return today with a program in the form of an anthology of French chamber music presenting works of the late 1940s, with the Sonatine for piano (1946) by Pierre Boulez (which he considered his first work truly to-date with We met as Sparks (2015) by Franck Bedrosian, whose title is borrowed from the first verses of Emily Dickinson’s poem 958, to evoke the sparkling reflections of separation and obscurity.


  • Lionel BORD : 666 (Trio for clarinet, cello and piano)
  • Philippe MANOURY : Silo (for flute and alto)
  • Pascal DUSAPIN : Ohé (for clarinet and cello)
  • Michael JARRELL : …Nachlese… II (for violin and cello)
  • Pierre BOULEZ : Sonatine (for flute and piano)
  • Franck BEDROSSIAN : We met as Sparks (for bass flute, bass clarinet, viola and cello)

Soloists of the Ensemble intercontemporain

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