Centre Culturel Néstor Kirchner
DATE: 2 November 2017
TIME: 20 h 00 min
LOCATION: Kirchner Cultural Centre (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
Buenos Aires II 2 November 2017


At the heart of this second concert in the Argentine capital, a masterpiece of Gérard Grisey’s founding: Vortex Temporum. An attempt to “abolish the material for the benefit of pure duration,” which explores in turn the time of human respiration, the enlarged one of whales, and the extreme one of birds and insects. Ramon Lazkano relies on two antagonistic forces of music, breathing and striking, to build a labyrinth of memory: a moving surface with an unpredictable trajectory. Finally, Madrigal by Philippe Schoeller revisits instrumentally this genre specific to the rebirth, which gave birth to the opera.


  • Pierre BOULEZ : Improvisé pour le Dr. K. (for piano and four instruments)
  • Ramon LAZKANO : Errobi-2 (for bass flute, bass clarinet and piano)
  • Philippe SCHOELLER : Madrigal (for quartet with piano)
  • Gérard GRISEY : Vortex Temporum (for piano and five instruments)

Soloists of the Ensemble intercontemporain

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