Duncan Ward
DATE: 23 September 2017
TIME: 20 h 30 min
LOCATION: Salle des concerts - Philharmonie de Paris (Paris - France)
Duncan Ward: Stravinsky’s Big Evening 23 September 2017


For its opening season in Paris, the Ensemble intercontemporain is at the center of the weekend that the Philharmonie de Paris devotes to Igor Stravinsky. A figure of modernity, his work is one of the pillars on which the music of the twentieth century was built. The program of this Great Evening shows some of the many facets of his extraordinary musical personality: storyteller, provocateur, spiritual. The spirit of the musical theater-teller will be found in Renard, of course, but also in Unsuk Chin’s Gougalōn, inspired by Korean street theater; That of the provocateur will undoubtedly appear in the NONcerto for trumpet of the iconoclast Richard Ayres; As for the spiritual (tinge of oriental exoticism) it will be found in Bhakti by Jonathan Harvey, a great cycle inspired by Buddhism.


  • Igor STRAVINSKY: Three Pieces (for clarinet), Renard. Burlesque story sung and played (for small orchestra and four singers)
  • Jonathan HARVEY: Bhakti (for chamber assembly and quadraphonic band)
  • Richard AYRES: No. 31 (NONcerto for trumpet), for trumpet and large ensemble, National Creation
  • Unsuk CHIN: Gougalōn. Street theater scenes (for ensemble)

Martin Mitterrutzner, tenor
Yves Saelens, tenor
Leigh Melrose, baritone
Jérôme Varnier, low
Jérôme Comte, clarinet
Clément Saunier, trumpet
Ensemble intercontemporain
Duncan Ward, director
Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Stanley Haynes, Denis Lorrain, Ircam computer music production.

Coproduction Ensemble intercontemporain, Philharmonie de Paris

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