diego tosi
DATE: 17 June 2017
TIME: 18 h 30 min
LOCATION: Pierre Boulez Saal (Berlin - Germany)
Pintscher: “Mar’eh” violin concerto 17 June 2017

Designed by the American architect Frank Gehry, Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin is the concert hall of Barenboim-Said Academy. Let’s bet that this concert of the Ensemble founded by Pierre Boulez 40 years ago in this new place dedicated to the transmission, would have great pleasure. One will hear in particular one of his masterpieces, … explosive-fixed


  • Matthias PINTSCHER : mar’eh (for Violin and Ensemble, National Creation)
  • Philippe SCHŒLLER : Hermès V (for instrumental ensemble of twenty-nine musicians, National Creation – Ordered by the EIC with the support of the Meyer Foundation)
  • Pierre BOULEZ : …explosante-fixe… (For solo MIDI flute, two flutes, ensemble and electronics)

Diégo Tosi, violin
Sophie Cherrier, MIDI flute
Emmanuelle Ophèle, flute
Matteo Cesari, flute
Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher, diredctor
Andrew Gerzso, Ircam computer music production

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