Heinz Holliger
DATE: 1 July 2017
TIME: 21 h 00 min
LOCATION: Great Hall of Georges Pompidou Center (Paris - France)
Final ManiFeste 2017 by Heinz Holliger 1 July 2017

The program of this concert by the Swiss composer, oboist and conductor Heinz Holliger (in charge of the master class of interpretation for the ensemble of the ManiFeste Academy) revolves around the Second School of Vienna (Alban Berg, Arnold Schönberg and Anton Webern). His own music is part of this line, by its melancholy character and its art of encryption. The title of his play, Increschantüm, from a poem by Luisa Famos, carries the evil of the country, wandering, phantasmagoria while the rarely played Niccolò Castiglioni lets out in his own language the influence of aphoristic style Of Webern. This final concert of ManiFeste 2017 is also the birth certificate of the new Ensemble ULYSSES, a training of young musicians circulating between several European academies. Strengthened by the EIC soloists, these performers at the beginning of their careers, will discover and practice the repertoire of the 20th century and that of Ircam, in this case, Sul Segno by Yann Maresz, captivating exploration of the field Sound of resonant instruments with plucked strings, transformed by musical computing. A work as original as masterful in which the technology bends to the poetic project.


  • Arnold SCHÖNBERG : Six small pieces, op. 19 (transcript for ensemble by Heinz HOLLIGER)
  • Arnold SCHÖNBERG : Herzgewächse, op. 20 (for soprano, celesta, harmonium and harp)
  • Anton WEBERN : Cinq Pièces, op. 10 (for orchestra)
  • Anton WEBERN : Cinq Lieder spirituels, op. 15 (for soprano and ensemble)
  • Heinz HOLLIGER : Increschantüm (for soprano and string quartet)
  • Niccolò CASTIGLIONI : Risognanze (for sixteen instruments, Création française)
  • Yan MARESZ : Sul Segno (for harp, guitar, cymbalum, double bass and electronics)

Sarah Maria Sun, soprano
Ensemble intercontemporain
Ensemble ULYSSES
Heinz Holliger, director
Manuel Poletti & Denis Lorrain, Ircam computer music production

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