Salle de réception Hall-E
DATE: 20 November 2017
TIME: 18 h 30 min
LOCATION: Hallen E+G (Vienna, Austria)
Olga Neuwirth : Archipel sonore 20 November 2017


Founded in 2015 in Donaueschingen (Germany), Le Encantadas o le avventure nel mare delle meraviglie of Olga Neuwirth offers a wonderful listening adventure that takes us from Venice to the Galapagos Islands, following the great American writer Herman Melville. For the composer, “it is above all the idea of the uncertain crossing of an archipelago that is important: live the perception of something that could be part of a whole, but which at the same time appears as totally autonomous” .


Olga NEUWIRTH : Le Encantadas o le avventure nel mare delle meraviglie (for six spatial instrumental groups, samples and real-time electronics)

Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher, director
Gilbert Nouno, Ircam computer music production
Markus Noisternig, Scientific Advisor (Ircam-STMS Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team)
Sylvain Cadars, Ircam sound engineer
Ircam, electronic device

As part of the Musica Festival

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