Jens McManama
DATE: 2 February 2019
TIME: 19 h 00 min
LOCATION: Studio - Paris Philharmonic (Paris - France)
Twice Upon a Time 2 February 2019


Transmission: it is one of the three pillars of the Ensemble intercontemporain, equal to the creation and exploration of new modes of representation of music. In this project, EIC soloists supervise primary school students.

And what better way to transmit the virus of contemporary music than to involve? This is exactly what Luciano Berio proposes when he wrote in 1994 Twice Upon … for London schoolchildren: under the title of a devious tale hides a “theater without words” for six groups of children playing all kinds of games. instruments (awarded or not) – each group being supervised and guided by a professional musician. An unexpected experience, which proves that the awareness of new audiences can also be jubilant …


Luciano Berio
Lied, for clarinet
Sequenza VII, for oboe
Twice Upon…, theater without words for six groups of children / French premiere, revised by Richard McNicol
Lucia Ronchetti
A solo, for alto
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