DATE: 11 November 2018
TIME: 16 h 30 min
LOCATION: Convention center (Perpignan - France)
Gypsy & Requiem for peace 11 November 2018

From the depths of the night resounds the bewitching sounds of a violin all but monotonous, vibrant appeal to enchantment, to stunning. Since the dawn of time, a people, proud, untamed, has become one with this music, cradling our dreams, playing with their fire fingers flamboyant tunes, melodies so haunting that for a long time they were believed directly inspired by the Devil. To immerse ourselves in the heart of the bohemian intensity, we needed an outstanding musician, able to transcend the most famous themes of popular or classical music – Maurice Ravel, Georges Bizet, czardas dances or gypsy tunes – to make our heads rise and move our bodies … Who better, than Diego Tosi, virtuoso violinist always at the confluence of cultures, to make with us this magnificent journey, this dizzying journey in the footsteps of the Devil and his emissaries Gypsies ?!

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