Clara Iannotta
DATE: 26 October 2018
TIME: 20 h 30 min
LOCATION: Concert Hall & Amphitheatre Cité de la Musique (Paris - France)
VENUE: Rumorarium
Rumorarium 26 October 2018


Clara Iannotta and Pierre-Yves Macé (pictured above) continue in their own way the path cleared by Helmut Lachenmann and his “concrete instrumental music”. Where their eldest, in Concertini, saw in the concerted treatment of his musical material “delusions within a labyrinth that we have built”, Clara Iannotta diverts his solo instrument, the cello, interested less to his vocality, for example, only to superficial and tenuous sounds or rebounds of the bow on the strings. As for Pierre-Yves Macé, he explores in this order of the EIC “musical” rumors, in this case recordings of street music, brought together for the occasion by the sound artist Jeanne Robet.


  • Clara IANNOTTA : Clangs (for cello and amplified ensemble)
  • Pierre-Yves MACÉ : Rumorarium (for twenty-three musicians and fixed sounds, World premiere, Order of the Ensemble intercontemporain)
  • Helmut LACHENMANN : Concertini (music for ensemble)

Éric-Maria Couturier, cello
Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher, director

Coproduction Ensemble intercontemporain, Autumn Festival in Paris, Philharmonie de Paris

With the assistance of Sacem

Price € 18
Reservations: / 01 44 84 44 84

Before the concert at 19h
Meeting with Pierre-Yves Macé, composer
Free entry

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